Information Technology

QSTI specializes in applying state-of-the-art information technologies across service areas in an effort to produce the highest quality products and services in a cost-effective and efficient manner. QSTI holds a Top Security Facility Clearance.

The QSTI staff offers skills in advanced computer-based information technologies, information planning and consulting, information system development, integration and support, telecommunications engineering, and information and education technologies.

Given the experience and well-rounded qualifications of our staff, we offer a solid knowledge base and can advise clients in variety of appropriate methodologies for meeting project objectives.

QSTI  can provide your company with many types of services, including:

  • Quality Assurance (QA) and Configuration Management (CM)
  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)
  • Hardware and Software Test Engineering
  • Architectural Testing
  • Information Management Services
  • Application System Design
  • Systems Integration services
  • Program Management services
  • Communications Systems
  • Network Systems services
  • Internet and WWW services
  • Software Design and Development
  • Systems Migration Support
  • Healthcare Technologies
  • Database Development and Support Services
  • Technical Writing
  • Documentation Management Services
  • Editorial Support Services
  • Logistical and Technical Support Services
  • Software Process Improvement
  • Top Security Facility Clearance

Federal, State, and Local Minority Business Enterprise Certification Contract Vehicles.

Quality Solution Technologies, Inc. (QSTI) is a Full Service IT solutions and services provider focusing on delivering customer value through high Quality Processes and Cost-efficient solutions. QSTI has been one of the trendsetters in global delivery practices with our Client-Centric Model for customer management and delivery.  QSTI has established an impressive base of customers while our teams provide the entire range of IT solutions from strategy consulting to implementation and maintenance across a range of vertical domains such as Desktop, Data Security, Cabling Requirements, Enterprise Application Implementation, Mainframe Application Services, Geographical Information Systems, Network Solutions, Deployment Implementation, Data Architecture Design, Record and Document Management Solutions, and Web Application Solutions.  QSTI programmers are widely acknowledged experts in programming languages that lend themselves to the client/server models.  Our expertise in technologies include, but are not limited to, C++/C, JAVA, JAVA Script, JSP, and JAVA related languages tools (i.e., Servlets, Applets, JAVA Beans, HTML, Rational Suite which includes Rational Unified Process, and RDMS etc.), Microsoft Technologies such as .net, C#, ASP, SQL Server, Object Oriented Design/Tools and hardware sizing, support and maintenance.

QSTI has successfully implemented various database tracking systems using the state of the art infrastructures since 1997. QSTI has certified many infrastructures using our end to end system testing abilities and activities under our Independent Verification and Validation Process (IV&V). QSTI background and past performance in the overall understanding and experience in utilization of various business methodologies, project management, system operations, help desk support, on-call staffing response, network infrastructure management, records and document management, mainframe applications support, email implementation, reporting capabilities, and data security gives QSTI the edge in hitting the ground running when the need arise to resolve issues within the government and commercial infrastructures.