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Quality Solution Technologies, Inc. (QST, Inc) is a progressive minority-owned and operated certified Small Disadvantage Business.

Quality Solution Technologies, Inc. (QST, Inc) is a progressive minority-owned and operated certified Small Disadvantage Business that has been providing Consulting services for vertical transportation projects over twenty years. These services include installation and repair for elevator, conveyors, escalators along with maintenance and repair. In 2016 we launched our model for material ordering and manufacturing.

The firm's cadre of managing personnel consists of a unique blending of multi-disciplinary skills and management expertise.

QST, Inc is a consultant firm that provides quality Vertical Transportation solutions to our clients. Our past performance in renovation, maintenance, material ordering and manufacturing enables us to excel in meeting a wide range of customer required services. QST, Inc is an activist in utilizing and providing support via the Minority Business Enterprise Program.

Our Reputation

QST, Inc is one of the top five firms that been selected five times for the prestigious TOP100MBE award. The TOP100MBE award were created to recognize those enterprising minority entrepreneurs that fuel the regions economy through their innovation, sacrifices and dedication. QST, Inc has been living their dreams and making significant contributions to their clients, professions industries and communities for over twenty years. Over 5,000 nominees from Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, Delaware and Pennsylvania compete for this award yearly.

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Our mission

QST, Inc places major emphasis on the integrity and character of its employees. We demand strict principles of conduct, high standards of performance, individual accountability, and encourage the continued professional growth of our staff. We take pride in our employees' accomplishments in their education and experience.


Our vision

Our clients are our number one priority. QST, Inc tailors its services to meet each client's requirements. QST, Inc also engages in constant customer relations activities. Successful performance on each contract is reinforced by our commitment to excellence and the complete satisfaction of our client.


Our beliefs

QST, Inc is a known for their community leadership, and new companies Mentor protege programs, as they support the empowerment of community involvements and the Minority Business Enterprise Certification Program.

Our leadership

Dedicated to providing our clients with World-Class services and solutions. We can provide expertise in consulting and project management for Elevators, Escalators , Conveyors which includes consulting, project management, material ordering for manufacturing, maintenance repairs and Installations.

Warren Fleming

President & CEO

Warren Fleming (President QST,Inc) was inducted into Augusta Military Academy......

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Vivian Richards

HR Director

We are always looking for team players with the talent and drive for excellence.