Warren Fleming

Warren Fleming (President QST,Inc) was inducted into Augusta Military Academy Football Sports Hall of Fame, Montgomery County Humanitarian and Montgomery County Human Rights Hall of Fame.

Mr. Fleming became familiar with Information Technology while attending Augusta Military Academy in Augusta County Virginia. The objective of Mr. Fleming attending this institution was to avoid the integration and civil rights issues of the time. After graduation, Mr. Fleming attended Virginia Computer College in Reston VA, where he developed Information and Technology skills.

Mr. Fleming earned his degree from Virginia Computer College and was one of eight students selected to monitor and track weather satellites for RCA at Goddard Space Flight Center located in Greenbelt, Maryland

Mr. Fleming spent three years at Goddard where he tracked and supported the GE’s Numbus weather satellite. Mr. Fleming duties consisted of writing Fortran-66 code and processing the Tele-Communication Signals that were received from a satellite to produce weather pictures. The application technology infrastructure of those times was called “Batch Processing”

Mr. Fleming left Goddard in 1977, and moved to General Electric to keep up with technology, which had changed from “Batch Processing” to “Time-Sharing”.  Mr. Fleming was hired as a Systems Engineer in the Hardware Integration Laboratory. He. successfully helped GE implement the first integration of large-scale platforms consisting of IBM, Honeywell, Gould, DEC, and Unisys computers. This technology allowed a user to sign in via a Timesharing port and connect to either mainframe to complete whatever process the client needed. This application allowed clients such as Levi Strauss, Mobil Oil, and Sara Lee to choose the cheaper and quicker application to support their client inventory needs.

Mr. Fleming left GE in 1985 and again, wanting to keep up with rapidly changing technology, he moved to Honeywell. Mr. Fleming was hired as a Software Engineer to support the famous World Wide Military Command and Control System (WWMCCS). Mr. Fleming wrote the first standards for System Software Testing procedures for the WWMCCS contact and these procedures are still being used today as a standard for the WWMCCS methodologies. Mr. Fleming received his first Top Security Clearance from the Department of Defense in 1986. He became the liaison between the Honeywell Inc, and the WWMCCS community to verify that the security software for the WWMCCS applications was installed correctly before installation on all WWMCCS sites. He became the point-of-contact for all installation sites throughout the United States, giving him the reputation of being a top performer.

In 1993, changing technology caused Mr. Fleming to travel to Austin, Texas as a contractor for Honeywell Inc., to manage a three-tier architecture application for the Texas Department of Human Services. The technology had shifted from large scale time-sharing to small pc client server applications. This new technology was called “Client Server”. Mr. Fleming was put in-charge of five other contractors for this task to verify that the implementation of this process was on time and successful. Mr. Fleming became the point of contact, which he spearheaded for more than three years. While in Texas, he became aware of small business for minority firms and he applied and became the first African American to hold a Historical Underutilized Business Certification (HUB) in the State of Texas performing the duties of Software Testing and Integration. Mr. Fleming became the President of then ‘Quality Software Testing, Inc (QST, Inc) which was certified in the State of Texas.

QST, Inc successfully performed sub-contracting support with a firm called Applied Information Sciences (AIS) from Greenbelt, Maryland and still maintains relationships with both Texas Department of Human Services and the Applied Information Sciences. Mr. Fleming realized in order for his company to grow he needed to apply for Local, State, and Federal Certifications and become a full life cycle service provider.

Mr. Fleming took the profits for Quality Software Testing, Inc, and returned to Maryland to incorporate QST, Inc, and obtained the following Minority Participation Certifications:

  • 8(a) Certification
  • GSA Schedule
  •  Maryland Department of Transportation (MBE) Certification
  •  Facility Clearance
  •  Minority 214 Licenses Certification
  • Member of the DC/MD Minority Suppliers Council
  • Member of the Washington Airport Authority Certification
  • Aligning QST, Inc on contract vehicles such as ECS, CIP-SP2, SIDDOMS-3, VAMSA, and NITAC.

Quality Software Testing, Inc is now called Quality Solution Technologies, Inc and is currently involved with both state and local county contracts. QST, Inc was selected as one of Maryland State Top 100 Minority Business Enterprises for 2007 and 2008
Mr. Fleming is also the President of “The Damascus Connections Committee” which is a non-profit organization that functions as an advisor and counselor to the community of Damascus, MD. Our role is as follows:

  • To represent the best interests of the community of Damascus
  • To represent all citizens of Damascus through direct interaction and communication with other leaders and groups of Damascus and to ensure that the citizens’ issues are enforced
  • To serve as the link between the city of Damascus, MD and the County Council of the Montgomery County Government and aid in improving the civic, ethical, economic and cultural conditions of all citizens of Damascus, MD.

As President of the Damascus Connection Committee, Mr. Fleming has been responsible for the future installation of three African American Sites to the County Historical Preservation, allowed senior citizens to be disconnected from a hazardous septic system and connected to sewer systems with the help of the Upper County Region. Mr. Fleming was the first African American to form such a committee and took the step of associate the DCC with other ongoing committees in Damascus such as the Lions Club, Fire Department, and the Damascus Alliance Club.
Mr. Fleming is the Vice President of the Damascus Historical Society (DHS), a committee that’s been formed to develop a Historical Museum in the township of Damascus. Mr. Fleming was instrumental in obtain a Bond-Grant for the DHS. Working with Montgomery County Public Schools he obtained a leasing agreement for twelve acres of land to host the Museum and Bike Safety Rodeo for the Damascus Recreation Department.

Mr. Fleming served as a member of WSSC Ethics Board from 2004-2006.  Mr. Fleming took this position very seriously by attending over ninety five percent of the meetings, helping to solve many ethic issues that were presented to the board, helping implement new ideas to the code of ethics. Mr. Fleming was instrumental in supporting WSSC during an offsite meeting allowing the board members to use QST, Inc’s communication service to hold a teleconference meeting to resolve a major issue.

In 2007 Mr. Fleming received the  “Montgomery County Humanitarian of the Year Award”.
Mr. Fleming has served on the Montgomery County Historical Preservation Commission for two years. During his term he has volunteered his services for the following:

  • Uncle Tom’s Cabin Tour
  • Happy Birthday Montgomery County
  • Provided tracks and vehicles to bring County Council Members and County Executives closer to the many issues as it relates to Montgomery County Historical Preservation.
  • Currently working with Cabin John Civic Society with the issues related to the State Highway Administration
  • Currently working with the Boyd Negro School Project
  • Provided a voice for the upcounty community
  • Member of Montgomery County Park and Planning Master Plan Process
  • Member of Montgomery County Park and Planning Open Space Commission
  • Member of Lincoln Park Historical Foundation